Cyber security

Criminals no longer try to break in to steal your products or equipment – your most valuable resources may well not even be at your premises. When it comes to cyber security, out of sight cannot be allowed to become out of mind.


Data security is the responsibility of every team member, and it starts with individual work stations and computer terminals.

Unauthorised access to your data can reveal your intellectual property, contaminate or delete vital records and see your competitive advantage evaporate. Our security solutions give you the confidence to engage globally and are specifically designed to avoid any impact on your productivity.


2-factor authentication (2FA) significantly improves your internal security, enabling you to lock prying eyes out, and to track all attempts to access systems (whether successful or otherwise). Network Alliance can deploy, configure and manage antivirus and malware solutions to protect individual employees and your company from all threats, wherever they originate.


With enhanced external and perimeter security services from Network Alliance, your firewall becomes an impregnable barrier that hackers and viruses cannot cross. Your data remains accessible to the people you authorise but out of reach of everyone else.

public cloud

Accessing the public Cloud can be particularly risky – unless your assets and data are sheltered behind multifactor authentication processes implemented and maintained by Network Alliance.


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