Voice Solutions

Add a personal touch to your business communication, building strong customer relationships

Network Alliance Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) solutions

We realise the importance of communication and having the right channels in place to ensure the best value. As your preferred ICT service provider, our goal is to ensure that your company use the best possible internet and voice connectivity solutions that is cost-effective, efficient and boasts productivity.

Our full range of VOIP products and services include:

  • Full function voice service
  • Feature-rich IP PBX
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Hosted and managed options
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Easily scalable
  • Single price
  • Full features and no hidden costs
  • Large cost savings on calls
  • No need to install and maintain expensive equipment (hosted services only)

Conference Phones for Audio, Web or Video Conferencing, Servers, Routers, Wireless Connectivity and Virtual Networks for Small and Medium companies as well as large corporations.

In line with our mandate to provide our clients with access to new technology and game-changing solutions, we have partnered with leading international suppliers.

Connection Telecom, our upstream provider enables us access to a comprehensive portfolio of IP technology, IP PBX, traditional and cloud communications.

One of its flagship products is VOIPconnect, a reliable gateway for Voice over IP. This solution links traditional PSTN networks with VoIP providers.

Benefits to the user include cost-effective call termination, global connectivity, custom configuration, straightforward administration and valuable statistics.

Data management is what differentiates in this market. The administrative function inherent within VOIPconnect includes data by extension, destination and call completion statistics for each carrier.

Our VOIPconnect is based on Voice over IP Broadband Enhancement (ViBE) technology.

This offers several advantages including the fact that voice is treated as a data stream which ensures specific requirements for priority packaging and spacing, backup links can be activated without the risk of calls being dropped.