Hosted Online Backup Solution

Hosted Online Backup

Back up with Attix5 Pro and ensure continuity

We are an Attix5 Platinum Partner, providing Attix5 Pro solutions for your hosted online backup requirements. Attix5 Pro is a secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution uniquely designed for network efficiency, centralised management, policy-based control and simplicity of use.

Attix5 Pro offers a simple, easy to implement solution for complex environments and has a proven record of overcoming challenges such as:

  • Disk, hardware and software malfunctions
  • Natural disasters, viruses and theft
  • Runaway data growth
  • Multiple OS and hardware requirements
  • Data distribution
  • Data management
  • Compliance regulations
  • Complicated recovery procedures
  • Security

Fully customisable

Fully customisable and seamlessly scalable, Attix5 Pro accommodates multiple users running various operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers alike. Disk-to-disk backup solutions are designed to cover all the bases, accommodate changes and grow with the business.

  • Automate online backups ensure constant protection
  • Modules for desktops and laptops, servers and storage platforms connect seamlessly to suit
           any network
  • Intelligent data selection, multiple Backup Accounts and off-site storage enable easier data       management of rapidly increasing volumes of data