Email Management, Compliance and Archiving Solution

Unify your email management in the Cloud, simplify & save

Effective email management is vital to every business. IT departments need a practical strategy that is easy to implement and manage, with low risk, future reliability, immediate affordability and has a predictable cost profile for a specified period of time.

We have a strong partnership with Mimecast that provides email management as a single service in the cloud, minimising on-premise storage requirements. The Mimecast Email Management solution, referred to as “Unified Email Management”, offers:

  • Email continuity, backed by 100% service availability and service level agreement
  • Email security providing complete protection
  • Email archiving, with ‘bottomless’ mailboxes, Outlook integration, real-time searches and audit trails for full email compliance
  • Mobile connectivity, providing mobile access and increases productivity and responsiveness
  • Scalability